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Matt Keel

matt 1.jpeg
creative commercial photographer

I am a professional photographer with a diverse background and a passion for capturing the beauty and essence of people and still life. With a decade-long experience as a military photographer at RMAS Sandhurst, I have had the privilege of photographing members of royalty and politicians from around the world, including Queen Elizabeth II.

I have a keen interest in researching ways to promote physical and mental well-being through nutrition. Together with Alexandra Legouix, I co-founded Mindset Unlimited, a festival in Wokingham that brings together local well-being experts to make their services easily accessible to the community.

Music plays a significant role in my life, and I find it energizing. I indulge in listening to music every day, particularly enjoying country music and attending live gigs. I am also an avid runner, having completed the London Marathon twice. Additionally, I prioritize my well-being through regular yoga practice, with a desire to continue improving and honing my skills in this discipline.

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